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GEI launches institutional alliances

GEI launches institutional alliances
Issue Time:2019-09-26

Global Energy Interconnection finance and equipment alliances were launched at a seminar for the fourth anniversary of the "China Initiative" of GEI in Beijing on Thursday.

The GEI Finance Alliance consists of influential institutions in investment, banking, consultation, insurance and other fields and aims to promote discussion of policies, models and mechanisms related to GEI, share experiences, explore business opportunities and facilitate financial innovation.

The GEI Equipment Alliance is composed of equipment manufacturing enterprises and institutions with industrial clout and aims to share innovative experiences, analyze and predict future demand and research direction, and provide technical support and a roadmap for large-scale development and long-distance allocation of clean energy across the world.

Initiated and established by the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization, or GEIDCO, the two alliances are committed to expanding the cooperation network, pooling development synergy for relevant industries and fields and promoting investment and construction of GEI-related projects.

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